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CoderDojo Twin Cities Scratch Resources

This GitHub repository is for sharing teaching resources to teach Scratch. This includes hints on getting both your students and mentors up to speed on Scratch. The site includes lesson plans and sample programs designed to be consitent with both the Python and Robots groups.

If you hear of any good tools, please let us know.

Target Audience

Learning Scratch is ideal for students that don not yet have good keyboarding skills. Once students master using the shift keys and keyboard functions like copy and pasting text we suggest they move on to learing Python with turtle graphcs.

List of Concepts

Here are some of the concepts we will be learning in this course. If you are already familiar with these concepts you can skip over some of the labs.

  • events - Capture an event such as clicking the run program button or a keyboard press.
  • screen motion - Moving forward and turning with parameters such as distance and angle.
  • square walk - Teach your sprite to walk in a square and draw figures.
  • variables - Variables make our programs easier to read and easier to understand.
  • loops - Loops help us when we have many tasks that we repeat over and over.
  • conditionals - Conditionals allow us to change our behavior based on the rules we create.
  • random numbers - Random number functions allow our programs to have the computer select new random numbers between a range of numbers.
  • inputs Inputs allow us to prompt the user for values.

Contributing to Our Library

  • Do you have a specific example you would like to share with other students and teachers? Please see the Contributing menu for details on how to share your code.