CoderDojo Twin Cities

CoderDojo TC

A free, friendly program where kids learn to code

About Our CoderDojo

CoderDojoTC was founded by Matt Gray and Rebecca Schatz in 2013. It is a CoderDojo, an international movement of free coding clubs for kids. It was announced at Minnebar 8 and held its first event April 13, 2013 at Clockwork. Since then, as a program of Code Savvy, CoderDojoTC has grown to be among the largest CoderDojos in the world and has helped nearly 1,000 unique children and young adults learn to code.

CoderDojoTC has inspired and encouraged other CoderDojos in Minnesota and beyond; each CoderDojo is unique and independent from the others.

Our Values

Our values define who we are and what we want to be. We use these values to evaluate our programs, recruit volunteers, and make decisions.


We seek to welcome everyone who wishes to join us—students, parents, and volunteers—regardless of gender identity, race, religion or any other attribute. In particular, we want to welcome populations under-represented in IT.


We wish to create a positive, educational experience for students, parents, and volunteers alike.


We are open and transparent; we strive for fairness in our operations and actions.


We embrace the core principle of CoderDojo: “Be Cool.” To us, that means we create “Cool” experiences for all who attend, but also expect “Cool” behavior in return.