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Generative AI for Teachers


This is a course to help teachers use ChatGPT and other generative AI programs to generate content for their classrooms. It is designed to be useful for a broad audience and we include an extensive glossary for people that are new to the field of generative text. Our goal is to demonstrate a wide variety of uses of generative AI from simple lesson plans to generating lesson-appropriate online interactive simulations.

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Outline of Course

  1. Part 1: Introduction to ChatGPT?
    1. Ethics: When can we use generative AI?
    2. What is ChatGPT and generative AI
    3. Legal and ethical issues
    4. When to use generative AI vs. finding pre-tested resources
  2. Part 2: Key Concepts
    1. Prompts and responses
    2. Tokens (with lab)
    3. Temperature and Randomness
    4. Markdown, graph and chart formats
    5. In-Context learning
  3. Part 3: Prompt design
    1. Making prompts clear
    2. Giving context
    3. Refining prompts
    4. Audience: tuning to a grade level
    5. Perspective: take a historical perspective
    6. Generating analogies and metaphors
  4. Part 4: Intermediate Prompts
    1. Syllabus
    2. Code of Conduct
    3. Selecting a License
  5. Part 5: Interactive Simulations

    1. Generating web pages with interactive Javascript lessons
    2. Using p5.js to generate simulations
    3. Simulating real-world physics
  6. Part 6: Advanced Topics

    1. Using Generative AI to Minimize Kit Part Costs
    2. Fine-tuning large-language models
    3. Embeddings - using similar lesson plans to generate new lesson plans
  7. Part 6 The Future of AI

    1. AI today - the limits of large-language-models
    2. AI in the next 10 years - teachers and simulation guides
    3. AI in the long-term - regulation and existential risks

This course was originally created to help instructors generate lesson plans for teaching computational thinking.