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Sine Wave

We can also use turtle graphics to do math function plots.

Here is an example of plotting a sine function with turtle goto() functions. We calculate the new vertical value with the following function:

y = math.sin(math.radians(x))
dan.goto(x, y * 80)

And we loop through about 400 values from -200 to 200. We use the radians() function to convert the numbers into a a number that will give us a single sine in the X range.

import turtle
dan = turtle.Turtle()
# needed for the sin function
import math

dan.goto(-200, 28)
for x in range(-200, 200):
    y = math.sin(math.radians(x))
    dan.goto(x, y * 80)

Here is the output of this function:

Turtle Sine Wave

Link to Turle Sine Wave