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Adding Your Own Function Blocks

Here is the Make a Block Menu Make a Block

Click the Make a Block Button and Give it a name "square" Give the Block a Name

Note that you now have a new square block See the New Block

Take a look at our new block function. Note that we made a few changes so that the blocks were a bit smaller. We changed the distance variable to be be only 50 so that we could add more blocks in the drawing area. See the New Block

Now lets draw three different squares at different locations on the screen

Draw Three Squares

The drawing should look like this: Draw Three Squares

Turtle Square Function

Now put four squares on the screen in different locations


  1. How would you modify the program so that there is no line drawn between the squares? (hint - there is a penup block)
  2. Could you put the penup and pendown blocks in the function