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Code Group Content Status

Name Lead Author Content Src Maturity Goal Complete Journey Map Notes
Scratch Dan McCreary Custom Medium 8 8 Great for non-typers
Beginning Python Dan McCreary Custom Mature 14 14 Journey Map
Intermediate Python Zach and Parker Erickson Custom New 13 13 Hi demmand
Advanced Python Parker Erickson and ? Custom New 10 2 many options
Jupyter Notebooks Dan, Parker? Custom New 10 3 Hi demand in data literacy
Beginning Arduino (Tinkercad) Dan McCreary Custom New 5 5 Tinkercad rocks! Most labs can be siumlated online.
Intermediat Arduino (Tinkercad) Dan McCreary + Others Custom New 3 3 Lot of content to reformat
Java Aaron K. Custom New 10 10 Hi interest. Aaron using
Linux and Pi ? Custom None 0 0 Difficult to move online
Content Authoring with Markdown Dan McCreary Custom New 3 3 For mentors and teachers
Tkinter Optum Staff Custom New 1 1 Building GUIs with Python
Introduction to HTML GitHub Course External Mature 13 13 GitHub has mature content
User Experience unknown Custom None 0 0 Need voluteer
3D Printing with Ender 3D Gerd? None working on goals
Unity Game Engine Aaron Walker Custom None 1 0 Few maps to computational thinking.
App Inventor unknown ? ? 0 0 0 0
Robots (MBot) Dan, Paith? Custom Medium 12 0 0 moving content over to mkdocs
AI Racing League Dan McCreary Custom New 0 0 need help migrating content