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CoderDojo Twin Cities Micropython

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This GitHub repository is for sharing teaching resources to teach Micropython to students in 5th to 12th grades (10-18 years old). The course assumes that either a mentor, teacher or students have access to at least one microcontroller such as the $4 Raspberry Pi Pico or the $10 ESP32. Students should also have access to some low-cost sensors (buttons, potentiometers, ultrasonic distance sensor) and displays such as LEDs or OLED.

Course Outline

Part 1: Getting Started

Part 2: Introduction to MicroPython

  1. Introduction - Overview of Micropython and why we love it.
  2. Boards - Description of popular development boards that support Micropython (Pico and ESP32). How to choose the right microcontroller for your project.
  3. Raspberry Pi Pico - Details the Raspberry Pi Pico including features and pinouts.
  4. Thonny IDE - Thonny is an IDE that supports Micropython. We review the parts of the User interface.
  5. Blink - Blink an LED on and off. This is the equivalent of the "Hello World!" program in micropython.
  6. Button - see how a button can control the LED.
  7. Servo - Move a Servo.

Part 3: Sensors

Sensors Intro



We cover simple displays that don't have complex drawing. For those we have a separate chapter.

Part 4: Sound and Music

Sound and Music Infro

Part 5: OLED Displays

OLED Displays

Part 6: Robots


Part 7: Advanced Topics

Advanced Topics

Reference Material

Glossary of Micropython Terms


Micropython References - links to other useful sites.