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We are mostly a group of unpaid volunteers without a large budget for distributed content management software. However, we still want to provide a great user experience for both our mentors and our students. So we use free open-source tools whenever we can. Here is how we built this site.

  • Our content language is Markdown.
  • We use Python Markdown to parse our content.
  • We convert Markdown to HTML with mkdocs.
  • Our user interface theme isMkdocs Material. We use an extensive number of Material user interface components.
  • Our software version control system is git
  • Our site is hosted on GitHub page.
  • We use standard code highlighting provided by the mkdocs codehilite extension.
  • Our BY-NC-SA content license agreement is created by Creative Commons

We wish to acknowledge the work of everyone that contributes to open-source projects. Without these systems this work would not be possible.

If you would like to contribute lesson we welcome your contribution as a git pull request. You can read our CoderDojo Twin CitiesAuthoring Guide if you would like to help out.