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About MicroPython for Kids

The this site provides a rich collection of resources to teach computational thinking to students from 10 to 16 years old using fun Python programs that control the physical world around us.

The sub-field of computer science that reads sensors and controls lights and motors is called Physical Computing. We cover physical computing in our next section.

Content Licenses

All the content on this website is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike. This means if your preserve the attribution and license you can use the content for free in your classrooms and modify and extend the curriculum to meet your needs. However, you can not charge your students additional feeds for the content or resell the content.

Contributing to This Website

We invite all students, teachers and mentors to help us build a better website. You can read our publishing process on the CoderDojo Twin Cities Content Authoring Guide.

Please make sure you using original content and avoid using any images that you have not created yourself. It is always a good idea to have a friend check your spelling, typos and links.

There are several ways to contribute to get your content on this website.

Git Pull Requests

If you know how, you can student submit a Git Pull Request. This tells our team that you have content to contribute. Don't be scared about learning how to do this. There are lots of examples online and please reach out if you are having trouble. This is our preferred approach, but we realize that the first time you do this there are several things you need to know.

Adding a New Issues

You can just open a new [Issue]( and put your content in Markdown. You will also need to tell us where you store any images and videos. It might take us some time get this content into a new release.

Let Us Setup a Edit Page

If learning how to do pull requests is too daunting for you, don't worry! You are not alone. If you want us to setup a web page you can edit using the simple "Edit" button on GitHub we can do that for you. Just tell us where you want the page located and give us your GitHub ID and we will set this up. You will need to let us know when your content is ready to be merged in to our releases.

Manual Methods

What if you have an urgent class coming up and don't have time to learn Markdown? If this happens, you can send us your raw content in MS-Word, PowerPoint or a Google Doc. Since we are an all-volunteer organization, we will need time to find a volunteer to convert your content into Markdown. All urgent requests should go to: