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CoderDojo MicroPython Projects

Projects are groups lesson plans that need to work together and frequently build on other projects. Key project areas include:

  1. Sensors - find low cost sensors and create a lesson around them
  2. Robot Extensions - build extensions to our Base robot
  3. Sound and Music - add labs that generate sound and play music
  4. OLED Displays and Graphics - leverage the new low-cost OLED displays
  5. Debugging - build lesson plans to help student learn how to debug MicroPython programs and use logic analyzers
  6. Advanced Labs - using multiple cores, programming the IP processors, integrating C and assembly code

Projects that a In Development

Please connect with Dan McCreary if you are interested in helping out with these projects.

Name Status Description
Ping HC-SR04 50%) Create an OLED ping lab
Motion Sensor 0% Create a lesson that uses a motion sensor. Use an OLED to display motion vs. time
Photosensor 0% Create a lesson that will monitor light on a photo sensor
DS18B Temp Sensor 0% Create a lesson that will read and display a waterproof temperature sensor
JoyStick 0% Create a lesson that will read the X, Y and button of a JoyStick
OLED JoyStick 0% Use a Joystick to move a ball around an OLED and paint pixels
OLED Game of Life 0% Write a Game of Life with an OLED. Add a Joystick to paint initial conditions