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About the AI Racing League

DIY Robocars is the community that kickstarted donkey into existence by hosting self driving races. There are now several meetups around the country. See to learn about events, classes, tips, projects, and instructions to build other types of cars.
Checkout the Official Donkey Car Site

Coder Dojo

A community of over 2,300 free, open and local programming clubs for young people 58,000 young people are being creative with technology with the help of 12,000 volunteers in 94 countries

Code Savvy

Code Savvy strives to make kids and teens more code-savvy through creative educational programs and services. We incubate and support community-based programs that bring technology and know-how to local kids and educators, all the while championing gender and ethnic diversity. Code Savvy is dedicated to ensuring the next generation of computer science professionals represents the billions of users of tomorrow’s innovative technologies.


Like all CoderDojo created content, you are free to use this content in K-12 noncommercial educational settings for teaching without paying license fees. We also encourage our community to create variations and help us enlarge the curriculum. We always appreciate attribution!

Details of the license terms are here: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)