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Here are some sites that are of interest:

DonkeyCar Hardware

Track Options

In Minnesota there is a place that sells used vinyl sign material. For around $60 you can get a 16' X 25' used black billboard vinyl sign that is ideal for creating your own track.

Used Black Vinyl Track for $60

Billboard Tarps and Vinyl - We suggest you get a dark color (block or dark blue) and then tape down white edges and a yellow dashed line in the center.

Sample Track Template

Sample of track. Note the actual track is twice this size since it is still folded in half in this photo.

Hardware Options

Raspberry Pi 3, 4, the Nvidia Nano, the Nvdia DX2, and the Intel Mobius Neural Stick The base DonkeyCar today uses the Raspberry Pi 3+ which has a list price of $35. This hardware is just barly able to process images in real-time. Small changes in lighting will throw the car off the track. The new Raspberry Pi 4 with 4GB RAM is a new option.

The Nvidia Nano on the other hand has 128 CUDA core processors and has more than enough power to drive around a track in real time with varied lighting conditions. This is the hardware we have used for our first generation cars in the AI Racing League.

There are also college-level autonomous driving teams that use the more expensive Nvidia DX2 hardware.

Nvidia Nano

Jetson Nano References