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DonkeyCar Hardware

Hardware Options

Raspberry Pi 3, 4, the Nvidia Nano, the Nvdia DX2, and the Intel Mobius Neural Stick The base DonkeyCar today uses the Raspberry Pi 3+ which has a list price of $35. This hardware is just barly able to process images in real-time. Small changes in lighting will throw the car off the track. The new Raspberry Pi 4 with 4GB RAM is a new option.

The Nvidia Nano on the other hand has 128 CUDA core processors and has more than enough power to drive around a track in real time with varied lighting conditions. This is the hardware we have used for our first generation cars in the AI Racing League.

There are also college-level autonomous driving teams that use the more expensive Nvidia DX2 hardware.

Nvidia Nano

Jetson Nano References