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AI Racing League Business Plan for 2020


This business plan governs the AI Racing League for the calendar year 2020. We are operating as a project within CodeSavvy. CodeSavvy is a register 501C organization. CodeSavvy's mission is to promote coding skills in youth with a focus on promoting mentoring and training for girls and disavantaged youth.

Brief History

The AI Racing League was founded in the summary of 2019. We were inspired by the viral global DonkeyCar project. We wondered if the DonkeyCar racing events could be used to teach AI in the classroom. The goals of the founders were to promote fun events that taught AI to girls and disavantaged youth. We recieved an initial round of $9K in funding from the Optum Technology Social Responsibility and lauched our first event in August of 2019. This event was done at the International School of Minnesota and attracted members from the AI Research community, schools, educators and students.

Since August we have participated in over a dozen events promoting AI instruction. We have trained and initial set of approximatly 50 mentors that are familair with the use of the DonkeyCar

Status as of January 2020

Inventory of Assets

  1. 2 GPU Servers
  2. 10 DonkeyCars
  3. AI Racing League Web Site
  4. AI Racing League Concept Cards
  5. AI Racing League Concept Dependancy Graph
  6. Documented best practices (Lessons learned, SD image inventory etc.)
  7. Miscellenous training material
  8. Marketing materials including testimonials
  9. Post on social media

Goals for 2020

Financial Goals