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AI Racing League Glossary of Term


An international program of over 2,300 coding clubs that uses data-driven practices to get students interested in coding. Many of the aspects of the AI Racing League uses these same principals.

Key aspects of CoderDojo are:

  • No fees for events - accessible to all
  • Mentor ratios of no more than three students per mentor
  • Project-based learning
  • Focus on getting students to work in teams (social learning)
  • Student-directed projects
  • Focus on programs for girls in coding and underprivileged youth

Their main web site is:

Code Savvy

Code Savvy is a not-for-profit organization with 501(c)3 status from the IRS that the AI Racing League works as a sub-project. All the AI Racing League financials are organized under a Code Savvy program. Donations to the AI Racing League should be done though Code Savvy donations. Questions about Code Savvy can be sent to

Concept Cards

These are small laminated cards that have concepts information on them that students can learn. The idea is one-concept per card. See the CoderDojo TC Guide for Authoring Concept Cards

Donkey Car

This is a trademarked name of a car that is used at our events. The name implies "ugly" so you know that they are not designed to look pretty, just functional cars with a camera on the front.

Fifteen Degree Camera Angle

The angle our cameras need to point down to have a good view of the road ahead.


This is the board we use in our cars. They have 4GB RAM and a GPU for accelerating real-time inference.