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NeoPixel Kit

NeoPixel Kit

This is a low-cost (under $10) kit that we use in many of our classes. It contains the following parts:

  1. Raspberry Pi Pico ($4)
  2. 1/2 size breadboard ($2)
  3. LED Strip (WS2811b) ($3) - these come in many lengths from 8 to 60 pixels
  4. Two momentary push buttons (20 cents)
  5. USB cable (Micro-B to A)

These lessons will assume you have these parts and can connect up to the Pico to your laptop using a USB cable. If you have a Mac with a USB-C connector you may need to provide a USB-C to USB-A adaptor.

Sample Labs

We start with the sample code in the Basics/NeoPixel area.

We then show how you can load full programs. Here is the source code:

NeoPixel Samples Source Code

Getting Started

Getting Started Lab